Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the service and if so, how much does it cost?

No, our service is completely free and all inquiries and offers are non-binding.

How many conference facilities can I add to my query?

There is no limit to the number of objects, but you can also choose not to add any. If you provide us with basic requirements such as dates, number of participants, type of event, we will find the right place.

How long will I wait for a response?

Our hardworking team strives to respond within 48 hours, but in most cases much faster.

If at any time I need to change the number of participants in my conference - is this possible?

Yes. Contact us and a member of the Konflinx team will help you change the number of participants for your event. Ultimately, acceptance of the change depends on the facility's capabilities.

Are there any benefits to using Konflinx rather than searching for the facility yourself?

Yes, there are several. We have gathered many hotels and facilities that are proven partners in organizing events and conferences. Thanks to this, you save a lot of time and reduce frustration, and you also have a guarantee that the chosen place is not accidental. Additionally, the venues we work with offer special rates when organizing an event via our website.

If I need to cancel my conference - how do I do it?

Each hotel/facility has its own event cancellation policy, which you will review before making your reservation. If you need to cancel your event, the Konflinx team is available.