About Konflinx Poland

Welcome to Konflinx ! The perfect conference venue for your organization Thanks to us, you will find an ideal location for a company conference, training, integration event in one of the facilities scattered throughout Poland and Europe.

We are not just a hotel directory - we organize events in cooperation with proven facilities, congress centers and conference rooms. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that the quality will be maintained at the highest level. To find a place that suits your needs, you can search for a specific region, property name or specific features. If you do not have a preference for a facility, Konflinx specialists will find the right place for you. We will reply to the received inquiry within a few hours along with the price. If you decide on one of the offers, you will sign the contract for the organized event online. We are available if needed.

We help with booking and all organizational details - free of charge!

We are approached by large and small companies, representatives of local government bodies, trade unions - in a word, everyone who needs to find appropriate conference facilities. At Konflinx, we have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the conference market.

Remember: some periods of the year are characterized by particularly intensive occupancy of conference centers, so do not hesitate and submit an inquiry completely free of charge. We encourage you to contact us long before the planned event, thanks to which you will benefit from the widest selection.

Konflinx is based on a proven platform that allows us to automate the process of inquiries, bookings and monitor the course of conferences. Thanks to this, we have full knowledge about the event, the level of customer satisfaction or the professionalism of the hotel facility.

Konflinx is not only Poland. We are an international company with Swedish capital and we provide services in several countries and we work intensively on business development in other regions of the world. If you want to organize a conference abroad , have a look here .