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What is Venue Hunting?
Added on 2024-07-04

Organizing conferences, training or business meetings requires not only precise planning, but also appropriate arrangement of conference rooms. Very often, the way tables and chairs are arranged determines the reception and effectiveness of the meeting

Types of conference room settings
Added on 2024-05-23

Conference facilities play a key role in the success of any corporate conference. The choice of place is not only a logistical issue, but also affects the quality and effectiveness of meetings. Due to the growing expectations of participants and dynamically changing trends in the industry, it is important to pay attention to a number of amenities that can significantly improve the standard of organized events. Well-selected conference facilities are the foundation for achieving the intended business and educational goals, as well as for ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of participants.

What amenities are worth considering when choosing a conference facility?
Added on 2024-04-29

Conference software plays a key role in streamlining organizational processes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for participants. Such events are becoming more and more complex, requiring not only perfect coordination, but also the use of the latest technologies. In this post, we will look at how conference programs are changing the face of the event industry, bringing benefits to both organizers and participants.

Technology in the service of conferences - an overview of the latest event management tools
Added on 2024-04-11

Appropriate conference room equipment is the foundation for the success of any business meeting or conference. Properly selected elements not only facilitate communication and presentation, but also influence the perception of the brand by participants. In this entry, we will share the key aspects that are worth paying attention to when choosing equipment.

Important elements of conference room equipment - what to pay attention to
Added on 2024-04-04

Do you dream of an extraordinary conference that will not only provide professional value, but also allow participants to experience unforgettable moments in the picturesque surroundings of the mountains? Konflinx has the perfect proposition for you! These are the Zakopane conferences.

Conferences Zakopane
Added on 2024-03-22

What is a corporate event? How to organize an interesting event for employees? Organizing corporate events is not only about routine meetings or conferences. It is also an excellent opportunity to build relationships, motivate employees and promote the brand. In today's article, we will answer the question of what a corporate event is and present five creative ideas that will help distinguish this event and make it unforgettable.

5 creative ideas for a company event
Added on 2024-02-02

Have you ever wondered how important conferences, training and other business meetings are for the economy? More than just industry events, they are a key element in the sustainable development of industry and professional communities around the world.

What are the benefits for the economy from organizing conferences?
Added on 2024-01-05

Ideas for outdoor corporate events are becoming more and more popular and are an ideal way to build a team and improve the atmosphere at work.

Ideas for corporate outdoor events
Added on 2023-12-22

Learn about the values ​​of participating in conferences

Why do people attend conferences?
Added on 2023-12-19

Are you wondering how to organize the perfect summary of the year for your company? This is an important event during which you have the opportunity not only to discuss all the successes of recent months, but also to integrate the team and motivate employees for the coming year. It's worth taking advantage of! See our ideas for corporate events to celebrate the end of the year!

How to organize the perfect company summary of the year
Added on 2023-12-01

Savoir vivre in business

How to seat guests at a conference
Added on 2023-11-17

If you have been ordered to organize a conference or an important business meeting with the participation of foreign guests, read the entry below. We will show you step by step how to prepare for this challenge and avoid unpleasant situations.

How to organize a conference with foreign guests
Added on 2023-11-07

How to behave at a company Christmas party

Added on 2023-11-03

The press conference is primarily intended to convey important information. However, it is expected to be well remembered by its participants. Proper management of the meeting is very important: choosing the place, date and course of the event.

Added on 2023-10-29

At the end of the calendar year, companies often organize large and lavish parties, banquets and other, smaller meetings. It is worth considering the value of such an undertaking and how good organization of such an event could motivate the team and what scenario to plan.

Added on 2023-10-22

3 ways to organize a successful company holiday party

Added on 2023-10-15

Banquets at the hotel - a perfect location for unforgettable events

Added on 2023-09-28

What distinguishes these events and how not to confuse these concepts?⭐

Added on 2023-09-09

Organizing a conference is a challenge that requires careful planning and selection of appropriate places.

Added on 2023-09-07

Planning a congress or business meeting is an extremely complex undertaking.

Added on 2023-09-07

Does a corporate event have to be boring? Our list of attractions that you must pay attention to.

Added on 2023-08-30

Why, where, when and how to organize a networking breakfast ⭐

Added on 2023-08-28

Our specialist guide

Added on 2023-08-17