How and where to organize a year-end summary in the company

We are entering the last two months of 2023, but December is usually a period of slowdown in work, closing contracts and summing up the cooperation of many companies.

Many meetings will focus on analyzes of the organization's successes and challenges in the past year. Companies often organize large and lavish parties, banquets, feasts and other smaller meetings. It is worth considering the value of such an undertaking and how good organization of such an event could motivate the team and what scenario to plan.

Choosing a place

It strictly depends on the number of people. The summary of the year, unlike the traditional Christmas Eve meeting, is more official in nature and we can assume a much higher attendance. The most universal choice would be conference and banquet rooms offered by hotels. Their flexibility, in terms of the size of the rooms and their modifications, guarantee that even circumstances unforeseen in the first phase can be successfully resolved.

Determining the budget

Meetings of this type may take place during working hours or if we want to recognize employees or give the meeting a ceremonial character, it is better to plan it in combination with an unforgettable dinner, an unusual show or just some fun.

Setting the place

Design elements related to the brand, consistent colors of gadgets and products, and favorable display of graphics that attract attention and add professionalism to the company's image are extremely desirable. Even at internal meetings, identifying employees with the company is extremely important. An experienced event management team should be able to arrange and prepare the room, both in terms of decor and its audiovisual appearance.


It is best when this type of meeting is opened by the company owner or his management board, and the subsequent agenda corresponds to the goals of the meeting. Typically, the narrative focuses on the people who make up the company. Starting with managers - it highlights their results and competences. The next point of the meeting could be an analysis of what training and development activities they participated in in the previous year and where they should invest in development in the coming months. The culmination of such a summary should be the moment when discretionary annual bonuses are awarded to the team. The end of the year is especially suitable for this, when the results are already known and they motivate employees for future tasks.

Refreshments and fun

These elements definitely contribute to maintaining the activity and celebration of the event. The comfort and atmosphere of your stay as well as tasty food influence the overall experience. Therefore, it is important to plan well where to meet and what to serve to guests. Therefore, it is worth remembering to book the room in advance - especially in large cities, the best facilities that are very popular.

Investing in an official event brings positive long-term effects and should not be spared. It is worth taking care of every detail so that all participants remember the event long after it ends and can't wait for the next one.


If you have no idea how to choose a place or an appropriate setting for organizing such a corporate summary of the year, write to us. We will be happy to come back with excellent offers, and you will choose the most suitable facility.