How to organize a conference with foreign guests

If you have been ordered to organize a conference or an important business meeting with the participation of foreign guests, read the entry below. We will show you step by step how to prepare for this challenge and avoid unpleasant situations.


As a rule, foreign conferences last several days. Therefore, if the number of participants does not exceed several hundred, it is worth considering a hotel. The hotel center has appropriately equipped conference rooms, restaurants and accommodation facilities. These places, next to the fair, offer adapted, spacious rooms, high-quality hotel and accompanying services, and training rooms equipped with modern audiovisual equipment. Everything is in place and will ensure a successful international conference. In addition, the hotel will be the first place your guest will visit immediately after arrival. As a conference organizer, you must make sure that your guest has good memories of participating in your event, which is why it is crucial to build a good impression from the first moments when a conference participant steps foot on Polish soil.

Transportation from the airport

Already when inviting the speaker, arrange transport details with him - a private car, reimbursement of travel expenses (including the cost of a taxi from the airport to the hotel), if he is a VIP - maybe you should pick him up in person? Every detail related to the transport of guests should be arranged by you - for an appropriate fee, the hotel will certainly be happy to do this task for you.

Knowledge of a foreign language

Your guests should feel at ease and be able to exchange their travel experiences from the moment they greet you. No one requires you to know English at an advanced level, just communicative knowledge is enough. However, remember to prepare conference materials in the guest's language (usually English). During the official part, you will need the service of a professional translator and ask the hotel about audio equipment with a translator. If Spanish-speaking or German-speaking guests take part in an international conference at the hotel, the presence of a translator of the given language is mandatory. It is worth ensuring that such a person not only provides linguistic assistance, but also takes care of the general care of the foreign guest.

Conference with the participation of foreign guests Local attractions

Even though the most important thing is the international conference, you won't be sitting in a conference room from morning to night. If the hotel is located in a picturesque area, your foreign guests must see it. During a longer break or at the end of the conference, offer guests a short walk around the area. Include a tour of the area in the conference program. An international conference in the hotel brings together guests from various backgrounds, after a tiring day (travel, arrival) it is worth offering local attractions to the guests.

Polish souvenirs and promotional materials

Let your press packs include Polish souvenirs and advertising materials of the conference organizers. Remember to prepare these materials both in Polish and in a foreign language.

These materials should include:

  • conference programme
  • information about the speakers (short intro and contact)
  • advertising materials of the organizers, sponsors and partners of the event


You already know how to organize conferences with foreign guests. Be sure to include the most important points in your plan when organizing a conference. It is true that organizing a conference is a tedious process with many details, but when you see the positive opinions of your guests and warm thanks, you will appreciate this effort. By organizing international conferences, you show how much your company has developed. You show that you are not afraid of challenges and willingly reach for foreign specialists and, of course, that the world of conferences is no stranger to you.

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