Savoir vivre at the company Christmas party

How to behave at a company Christmas party

Company Christmas Eve - for some it's an unpleasant duty, for others it's an ideal opportunity to make a positive impression and meet people they haven't had the opportunity to meet yet. Most employees just want to relax and have fun with their co-workers. This is the perfect time to catch up on news and changes that you missed. Learn a few rules that will ensure you and your colleagues have a nice Christmas evening.


Dressing for this type of occasion may raise many doubts, because on the one hand we are after working hours, and on the other hand we are still "observed" by our superiors. Business casual clothing is perfect for this occasion. Men can choose a suit, relatively dark jeans, an elegant shirt and a jacket. Ladies, however, can choose an informal dress of appropriate length with a not too deep neckline.


It's best to talk to people you rarely meet at work. The holiday season and its unique atmosphere are perfect for breaking the ice and starting conversations. We should definitely take advantage of this type of opportunity - it will pay off in future relationships and new projects within our organization. Limit the time spent with a single person or a group of guests to 15 minutes - give yourself and others a chance!

how to behave at a company Christmas party Behavior

A positive greeting and an open attitude immediately create an impression of self-confidence and set the stage for others to quickly accept you in their company. Never be in a hurry - when entering the room, look left and right - stop. This pause gives you a chance to spot key people and allows others to see you. Avoid appearing bored - if you feel that the company is tiring you, it is better to leave it than to force politeness.


A warm, confident smile will make you and others around you feel at ease. Be positive. Your attitude shows in everything you do. Eye contact with the people you meet is very important. Maintain eye contact throughout the handshake.


Say hello by warmly shaking hands with those closest to you and others in the room. Be discreet. If you are participating in a social meeting, try to avoid discussing matters that are work-related, religious, political, money or ideological - in short, anything that could potentially put you at odds with your interlocutor.

Moderate consumption

Drink, eat in moderation. Try to pay attention to how others approach you, which includes basic table etiquette. Avoid talking excessively while consuming. We strongly encourage you to limit your alcohol consumption - excessive consumption may make you say words or behave in a way that will make you feel ashamed for many months.

With these year-end holiday etiquette tips in mind, simply act the way you would like others to perceive you. Remember that your attitude and appearance show respect for your co-workers and your employer.


During company Christmas parties, employees have the opportunity to sum up and thank each other for their work in the past year and simply integrate and get to know each other better.

It is important to feel comfortable, but also to show respect for the unique Christmas atmosphere full of kindness and summaries.

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