3 ways to organize a successful company holiday party

During the pre-Christmas period, many companies organize special meetings where employees can celebrate the upcoming holidays together. A company Christmas Eve or company Christmas party is a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships between employees and shape a positive team spirit. This is the perfect time to thank the members of the organization for the past year of working together.

Popular forms of organizing company Christmas parties

Organizing a Christmas event at work

Definitely one of the most economical options is to organize a company holiday party in a company building. The company does not cover the costs of renting conference rooms and waiting staff. Organizing an event is mainly limited to setting a date and time, usually a short meeting.

To give the place a Christmas atmosphere, you can decorate the office and light aromatic candles. When it comes to the holiday meal, there are two options: either divide the tasks and prepare the dishes yourself, or use previously ordered catering.

Organization of Christmas Eve in a restaurant

A company Christmas meeting organized in a restaurant is a very popular option. The key is to choose the right premises and book a sufficiently large space in advance.

The meeting may have a sitting, standing or mixed format. Depending on the number of people and budget, it is possible to book a separate space, a floor or the entire restaurant for this celebration. The menu is also usually a matter of convention, as the kitchen is able to prepare dishes that are not on the menu. It is important that the banquet hall has an appropriate setting and that the dishes and service meet the highest standards.

Organization of a company Christmas event at the hotel

This option is not economical, but it may bring greater benefits due to the possibility of providing more impressions. Organizing a company Christmas Eve in a hotel complex is a great idea to create a unique and luxurious Christmas experience for employees. Thanks to the rich offer of many hotels both in large cities and abroad, the possibilities are almost limitless. Conference rooms are temporarily converted into banquet rooms, decorated with decorations, a unique winter menu, attractions and special guests. Finding the perfect location to organize a festive Christmas Eve party is not easy, especially since these places are usually booked several months before the planned event.

What's new in organizing corporate holiday meetings

Remote Christmas Eve

The pandemic has proven to us that we can do practically everything remotely, and as it turns out, a company Christmas party can also be held in a form other than a stationary one. This solution will be ideal for companies with branches in different parts of the world. Asking employees to prepare Christmas decorations in the workplace and a meal will give you a taste of the real holidays. Although nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting, such a gesture will be appreciated by people who would have a hard time getting to a specific place.

Themed Christmas Eve

More and more companies are deciding on more bold ideas. The thematic holiday event is the sum of carnival and holidays. The style is any, from the so-called retro, fantasy or the crazy 80s. We move away from the traditional formula of dishes or wishes. Successful contracts are celebrated and people who significantly contributed to the success of the ending year are recognized. It is worth ensuring that the object you are looking for meets the requirements of the selected formula and that it fits the culture of the organization.

A thematic Christmas meeting will certainly provide unforgettable memories and lots of good team fun.

Culinary and educational Christmas Eve

The latest hot trend in organizing holiday events are cooking classes. During them, participants not only build better relationships with each other, because cooperation is important, but also learn something new, thanks to which this Christmas Eve can be remembered forever. During the classes, we can also organize wine tastings and get acquainted with culturally different areas of the world.

Many hotel facilities offer seasonal offers to organize this type of workshops. It is worth finding and booking a space for this type of event in advance.


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