Unusual business events

Does a corporate event have to be boring? Does every meeting or integration trip have to be similar? If, as an organizer, you want to provide participants with unforgettable memories and emotions, we have prepared a list of attractions that you must pay attention to.

Why are integration events so important? They allow you to get to know and understand your co-workers better, resulting in more effective work. Conferences, congresses and galas have similarly positive effects.

Cooking lesson

During the lesson, participants will not only have great fun, but will also learn to prepare new dishes. Choosing less typical cuisines, such as Kyrgyz, Balkan or Georgian cuisine, will additionally ensure that it will be an unusual event. Conference hotels often have separate restaurants or special workshop spaces, ideal for integration meetings complementing the company event.

Corporate family

What can unite more than team competition? Everyone probably knows the rules and course of this game well. We divide into two teams that have to guess the respondents' answers. It would be a good idea to add your own, personalized questions. Hotel facilities often have contacts with excellent hosts of this type of integration fun.

Escape Room

What if we integrated employees by locking them not in a conference room, but in a room filled with puzzles? In this type of entertainment, it is impossible to complete the game without cooperation. Large hotel complexes are full of ideal spaces for arranging this type of entertainment.

Live entertainment

What can be as unforgettable as emotions delivered live? It's not just about a concert or a DJ performance. A show of magic, dance, acrobatics... something artistic, unique with a crazy note in a unique setting. This culmination of a day full of training in a conference room or business meeting will take participants to the world of emotions, rhythm and movement - ending the integration trip in a vivid way.

Theme parties

There are plenty of sample topics; movie characters, the 90s, Hawaii, space... or maybe a personalized theme? The event is sure to bring a lot of laughter and fun both during the party and when preparing the costume. It should be preceded by a detailed analysis such as: location: a hotel in the city center or in centers far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, topic selection: consistent with the current need of the organization.

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