How to organize a press conference

A press conference is a meeting with media representatives, during which the organizers provide important and current information and then answer journalists' questions.

Since this is a direct form of contact with the media, which is intended to produce specific effects in the form of increased public interest, it is important to properly prepare for this event.

  Set a goal and plan a budget

Calculate the expenses for renting a room - if you want to organize a conference outside the company. Prepare conference materials, rent equipment such as a projector, screen, whiteboards, organize catering and possibly hire an interpreter - for foreign guests. Determine the number of people who might be interested in the topic of the meeting.

In addition to journalists, also include other people, such as government officials, experts or important figures.

Set a date

There is a common belief that the best times to organize a conference are from Tuesday to Thursday from... 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00 and Fridays from 10.00-13.00. Meetings on Mondays and Friday afternoons are discouraged. You need to check whether the chosen date does not clash with another important event that could cause journalists to miss your conference.

  Choose a place

You can organize a conference at the company's headquarters or rent a conference room in a hotel or resort. Remember that access to the meeting place should be easy, there should be parking spaces nearby, and the room should have good acoustics.

Plan the substantive part  

Prepare a detailed conference plan, i.e. the order of presentations. You can also develop a way of seating guests, determine who will greet guests and show them to their seats. Prepare a list of possible questions that journalists may ask. Take care of an interesting setting, for example by including films or slide shows.

Send invitations  

The invitation should include information such as: name and surname of the guest, organizer's details, exact date and time of the conference, place, exact address, reason and purpose of the conference, details of the person responsible for contact with the meeting participants. You can attach a directions map and a detailed conference plan to the invitation. Don't forget to ask for confirmation of participation.

Course of the conference

At the beginning, welcome the guests, introduce the conference participants, ensure that the conference schedule is followed, invite journalists to ask questions, distribute press materials - you can also do it before the conference so that journalists can get an idea of ​​the topic, thank them for their attention and coming.


The press conference is primarily intended to convey important information. However, it is expected to be well remembered by its participants. Proper management of the meeting is very important: choosing the place, date and course of the event.

If you need help organizing this type of meeting, write to Konflinx. We will be happy to support you in your task.