What is a networking breakfast

A networking breakfast is not only a business meeting , integration or conference, but organized events for people from a specific industry. During this event, participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the challenges they face every day.

  • Why is breakfast arranged?

The organization of the event aims to create an opportunity to share your knowledge , present your services to others entrepreneurs and exchange of contacts. The combination of casual conversations over coffee and a morning meal gives an excellent opportunity to start lucrative business relationships.

Depending on the needs , the organization of the meeting can take place cyclically or only in exceptional circumstances - product launch, new service, specific economic events. Some breakfasts are open and can be attended by all interested persons (after prior registration and entry fee), for others invitations are sent to specific entrepreneurs, and participation in them is free of charge.

An important element of business breakfasts, apart from networking sessions, are training sessions . They give the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, expand competences, are a source of inspiration and new ideas.

  • When is the best time to schedule a meeting?

Breakfast usually starts early in the morning. The morning organization of the event will allow each participant to leave the room and reach the office before noon to share their impressions or observations with their supervisor and colleagues on the same day.

  • Where meetings are held

Choosing the right location is an important part of event planning .These meetings are held in restaurants, conference or training rooms. The services of hotel and accompanying facilities are also popular. It is important that these points are easily accessible, with a free parking space, preferably outside the city center. The offers of conference rooms and other facilities are so wide that finding the perfect place should not be difficult. Company picnics will be a great choice for the warmer seasons.

  • What is the breakfast agenda

The course of the meetings may vary, but they are connected by a pre- planned course of events . Some of them start with a shared meal, often served as a buffet. After eating breakfast, there is time for free conversations, exchange of contacts, sometimes also for presentations of selected speakers. It also happens that a meal and integration are the culmination of the preceding business part (during which participants can enjoy a buffet with coffee, tea, cold drinks and sweet snacks).


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