Integration trips in the company - why do we organize them and how to do it?

What is an incentive event?

A team-building trip can take many forms, but generally speaking, it is a company-financed trip for employees that aims to strengthen relationships between co-workers. This does not mean that there will be training, a conference or a gala, but rather we can count on the organization of activities outside the work topic.

What are the advantages of an incentive event?

incentive event No matter how talented our employees are, if there is no cooperation between them, the effects of work may be poor. The main effect of organizing events of this kind is,team integration and building. Thanks to this, the employer can count on much more efficient work. Additionally, it will also help avoid misunderstandings among employees by better understanding each other.

What does an incentive trip look like?

Although there are one-day events, they usually last approximately 2-3 days. It can take place both in the same city or in a completely different country. Organizers often focus on team games, trips to nature, joint sightseeing, a bonfire or a trip to the SPA. When organizing an integration trip for the more adventurous, you can consider quads, survival, climbing or kayaking.

How to organize a trip or incentive event?

Currently, thanks to websites such as , we do not have to worry about organizing a trip, training or conference. Konflinx will prepare an offer for you free of charge and will take care of the organization from A to Z in cooperation with a given resort, restaurant or hotel complex. Konflinx is not limited only to Poland - currently, thanks to an international partner network, our offer also includes proven facilities in Great Britain, Greece, Austria, Uruguay and Denmark. Send your inquiry to and you will receive an offer within one day.