Event planing with Konflinx

The Konflinx team consists of conference experts on a mission to revolutionise the process of event planning in Poland. As an independent service provider, we make it possible to discover, compare, and book Poland’s most trusted and popular event spaces — all done online, in just a few clicks.

Saving time, money, and nerves

Sending enquiries to countless event spaces, conference centres, hotels, and many other vendors and afterwards creating a summary including a cost comparison means a lot of admin work for event organisers, costing them valuable time and money. Konflinx will take this workload off your hands — completely free of charge.

One-stop service

Konflinx enables you to access the vast majority of reputable event venues in Poland, all while dealing with only one contact person. From the selection process to cost comparison to booking your ideal venue — our team supports you throughout the entire process. Following your successful booking, you will be in touch with the contact person of your chosen conference facility.

No hidden agenda

Konflinx is economically independent, not affiliated with any chains or associations, and has no obligations to any vendors. This allows us to fully concentrate on our clients and their needs. All our services, consultations, and offers are entirely independent and unbiased.

Our flow - the Konflinx way

Look around!

Welcome on Konflinx. Look around in our venue catalogue and search for interesting places.

Create an inquiry

If you found one or multiple venues just fill the inquiry form with your requirements. Don't worry - our services are free of charge!

Give us some time

We will process your inquiry as fast as we can! During that time we will ask venues for offers and also we will confirm everything, including dates and pricing.

Receive our presentation

Our presentations are simple, accessible and contain all necessary information, including detailed pricing. If you will not be satisfied with our propsal then we will help you to fully satisfy your needs.

Select the perfect venue

With our presentations in hand communicating options to decision makers is easy. Once you make the choice we'll assist you with formalities.

Enjoy your event!

You can enjoy your event! With Konflinx it was faster and easier then before and all for free!


Please give us your feedback so we can improve our services for the future!

Your enquiry is non-committal

Use the contact form on our website to send us a non-binding enquiry — there’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation. Simply let us know the parameters of your event that you have already specified: Your desired location, your preferred date, the number of participants, the required number of single and double rooms, as well as any other requests and preferences you might have. Based on this information, the conference experts at Konflinx will identify which event venues meet your requirements, check their availability for your chosen date as well as the current prices, and create a tailored offer for your event.

Our clear comparison makes your decision easy

Following your enquiry, you will receive a customised offer from us. An easy-to-read presentation created by our team shows you all potential event venues that meet your requirements and are available at your chosen date, including the total cost of your event per venue, at one glance. It is therefore ideally suited as a decision-making tool for stakeholders or managers. Additionally, our offer comparison includes an itemised breakdown of all individual costs, detailed information about the different event venues, links to their respective websites, and digital brochures supplied by the venues.

Our services are free of charge

The services offered through our website are completely free of charge for you as the organiser. Konflinx is committed to transparency: we don't charge you any booking or service fees, and we provide you with the prices quoted to us by your event location when preparing your bid - at no extra charge.

Konflinx is fully funded through an industry-standard and well-established agreement between booking companies and event locations that covers almost the entire event industry. Venues benefit from being found and booked more often by Konflinx and pay Konflinx a fee if the event goes ahead. This allows us to offer our services to event organizers free of charge.

Special rates

Special rates are regularly used by organizers when booking via Konflinx. In the event of low occupancy, late or unexpected cancellations, venues are often willing to lower prices to fill the gap. The Konflinx team is in constant dialogue with the properties and is constantly informed about special offers and discounted prices. We provide all price benefits directly to the users of our website.

Short processing time

After sending us a request, you will receive confirmation within an hour that we have started work. Our team determines which locations meet the requirements of your event, checks availability for the dates you choose, and agrees on prices. As a rule, on the same day we will contact you with an individual offer including a price comparison of all possible event locations. If your request is particularly urgent, please let us know and we will do our best to meet the deadline. If necessary, an offer can be prepared within a few hours.