Centrum Wystawienniczo-Kongresowe w Jasionce

Droga Wojewódzka 869 , Jasionka

About venue

The Exhibition and Congress Center in Jesionka is an exclusive facility designed to organize industry meetings. The building is located in Jesionka, not far from Rzeszów.

The building is divided into 2 parts: exhibition and congress, and its total area will be 27,552 m2. It is currently the most modern business facility located in the Podkarpackie Province.

Conference rooms:

  1. The first, largest conference room, located on the first floor, is designed for up to 220 people.
  2. The second room is located on the ground floor and can accommodate approx. 190 people.

The rooms are of various sizes and can accommodate from 20 to 50 people respectively. They are an ideal solution for those who organize events in an intimate style.

The parameters of individual rooms are as follows:

  • room 3.31 - area 59.75 m2, capacity 50 people,
  • room 3.32 - area 59.4m2, capacity 50 people,
  • room 3.33 - area 42.8m2, capacity 25 people,
  • room 3.34 - area 42.8m2, capacity 25 people,
  • room 3.35 - area 77.85m2, capacity 50 people.

Both rooms are equipped with the most modern multimedia equipment for organizing conferences, i.e. a projector, screens, videoconferencing equipment and professional sound system. The shape of the rooms and the walls finished with acoustic panels ensure excellent acoustics. The glass facade has electrically controlled aluminum blinds. All room equipment is operated remotely from a tablet, which makes using these systems in rooms intuitive.

           3. The banquet hall, located on the first floor of the G2A Arena, allows you to organize meetings for up to 160 people. Next to the room there are catering facilities necessary for serving banquets. It is connected with an elevator and a staircase with the main kitchen located next to the restaurant on the ground floor, which allows for efficient service during the event. The banquet hall, like the restaurant, is equipped with a sound system that can be used for the needs of the event.

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